A playful way to learn about our Immune System, Viral Infections, and what helps our body defeat them.
Lets get SICK!

The Board + The Game
Gameplay revolves around two teams: the Virus, who tries to infect the body, 
and the Immune System team, who tries to combat the Virus symptoms.
Immune System Team + Defense Cards
Their goal–PROTECT The Human from the virus.
The Immune System team is comprised of White Blood cells, who travel around the board to acquire Defense Cards using Antibodies tokens.These Defense Cards are played on top of the Virus team's Symptom Cards to directly counteract them. I included both pharmaceutical medicines and home remedies.​​​​​​​
Virus Team + Symptom Cards
The Virus Team has one goal: INFECT THE HUMAN with Symptoms!
They obtain these cards using DNA Infection tokens.
At the end of the game, if any Symptom Cards are unaccounted for and still active, 
the Virus Team achieves their goal of making The Human sick, and WINS.
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